The origin of our Clamps Logo


Italy is always associated with fashion.

The best of such Italian fashion is the suits tailored by Italian tailors (sartoria),

so-called, su misura (bespoke).

With their finest craftsmanship, they respect the traditional craftsmanship,

and craftly adopt the new things without being influenced by the fashion.

You can wear them for a decade, two decades,

and three decades – the suits can be worn for three generations such as passing the suits down from a father to a son,

and his son by repeatedly making them over,

and fits better to the owners as worn longer time.

Scissors are the crest for the sartoria which can only be hung out by those craftsmen who can create the suits that can be loved for generations.


Sartorias cannot cut the fabrics if there are no scissors.
Raku wares cannot bake tea bowls if there are no clamps.


KICHINOSUKE strives to manufacture things that can be loved from one generation to another.
KICHINOSUKE uses clamps as its logo (crest) with its intention.