From the Momoyama Period of the Tensho Era in the Kyoto capital,

Birthed from the ideas of Sen no Rikyu, the father of tea, came Rakuyaki (raku ware).

Completely incorporating Rikyu’s chanoyu (way of tea),

it has continued unbroken for over four centuries.

Our founder Sasaki Kichinosuke fell in love with all that was hidden within the bottomless depths of these rakuyaki:

the taste of zen, the nostalgia of history, and Rikyu’s chanoyu and began this kiln in 1905 before the gates of Kyoto’s Kiyomizu Temple.

And now, with more than a century of inherited skill and bountiful inspiration,


delivers work filled with the spirit of the best craftsmen.

Highly elegant, splendid and noble,

Sasaki Kyoshitsu reaches to the dream for Beauty with creativity and originality.

Spring 2013

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